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Filipinos consume only one-third of the fruit and vegetable intake recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). High prices due to low yield, post-harvest losses, logistical costs and calamities may have an effect to the low per capita consumption posted only at 40 kilos.

While vegetable consumption is low, the potential of the vegetable industry in the Philippines is expanding. Vegetable production is increasing annually by 2% and the growth rate of area dedicated for vegetable farming is 1.7%. Exportation of vegetable products posted a 9.9% share to the total exports of the country in 2018.


  • The Vegetables Working Group has identified priority areas of collaboration around increasing the per capita consumption of vegetables in the country through information and education campaigns, as well as developing more efficient distribution channels. Members are also interested in knowledge management around digital solutions and building up shared databases of farmers by area and types of vegetables grown.
  • Under the leadership of East-West Seed, the Working Group is also aligning itself with the Philippine Seed Industry Association’s mission of providing high-quality seeds and relevant technologies to farmers, to raise their capacities and develop Philippine agriculture.
  • The Vegetables Working Group is actively working on plant trials to solve the issues of supply and quality. Companies are looking for specific requirements for their vegetables supply while East-West Seed is being tapped to modify seeds based on these requirements.


  • 60 farmers reached and involved in the initial plant trial

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Ahon sa Hirap, Inc.

East-West Seed

Food and Agriculture Organization of

the United Nations

Foodlink Advocacy Co-operative

Inavet Nutrition Technologies

Jollibee Group Foundation





WWF – Philippines

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