Working Group - Fisheries


In 2018, the Philippines posted an estimated 4.35 million metric tons of fish, making the country one of the top producers in Asia. Among the sub-sectors of fisheries, aquaculture contributed a 52.95% share in the total fisheries output. This performance will continue to increase because of the strong potential of aquaculture for expansion, given the land resources that the Philippines has. One challenge for the aquaculture industry is the promotion of the use of feed conversion ratio (FCR) or the amount of feed it takes to grow a kilogram of fish which could lessen both the cost and environment impact of feeds.


  • Supporting knowledge exchange: In 2018, the PPSA partnered with the Bureau of Fish and Aquatic Resources-Central Luzon to run the Fisheries Investment Forum. Major fish and feeds companies such as Feedmix Specialist II, the lead of the Fisheries Working Group, and Tateh Aquafeeds shared best practices on fish production and FCR.
  • Feedmix Specialist II is leading a nursery project in Quezon Province with Tambuyog Development Center and BFAR in partnership with two people’s organizations operating in the area. Supported by ICCO Cooperation – through funding from Grow Asia and the Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN) – the nursery project will be an example of how inclusive business practices can help engage players from the bottom of the pyramid. Here, Feedmix Specialist II will make the people’s organization a supplier of fingerlings.


  • 22 fisherfolk cooperatives and Community Fish Landing Centers (CFLC) in Quezon Province and Central Luzon reached, with aggregated membership of
  • 1460 fish farmers




Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Feedmix Specialist Inc.

Foodlink Advocacy Co-operative

ICCO Cooperation


Tambuyog Development Center

WWF – Philippines

Visayas State University (VSU)Syngenta

YARA Fertilizers Phils., Inc.

Zamboanga Grains Corp.

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