Grow Asia’s strategy of achieving food security by providing support to small farmers and fishers all throughout the value chain perfectly fits into the holistic, sustainable and inclusive paradigms that make up the Department of Agriculture’s New Thinking for Agriculture.

Under this framework, we encourage public-private partnerships to support the modernization and industrialization of the country’s agri-fishery sector. Our aim is to create quality employment and income opportunities and uplift millions of smallholder farmers, in line with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s main goals of making the country food-secure and bringing more development to the countryside.

Thus, we in the Department remain committed to the Grow Asia Philippine Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (PPSA) that has been serving as a channel for closer alliance among agri-fishery stakeholders and more public-private sector investments in food and agribusiness endeavors.

We therefore look forward to PPSA’s greater success, confident that it can help boost the production and profitability of our priority crops and, hopefully, will start off a new “green” and “blue” revolution in Philippine agriculture.


- DA Secretary William D. Dar

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